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Designed in Belgium

Our collection is designed by top-notch Belgian and Dutch designers. Find out more about them here.

Handmade in Europe

Every model, every detail, every last screw, cushion or covering is hand made and assembled in our European production units.

For sale in your local furniture store

We distribute our collection to numbers of stores. To find one in your area, just use our contact form

Why Passe-Partout

By offering high-quality products Passe-Partout wants to present itself as an indispensable manufacturer in the furniture industry. We want to keep on growing through our passion for furniture. By offering superior quality, Passe-Partout supplies unique value added products, which allow us to build solid business relationships from which both Passe-Partout and its customers benefit.

Passe-Partout is striving to become a market leader in the Benelux that offers superior quality and is driven by its passion for the furniture business. We are always looking for new developments and trends in the sector so that we can supply the kind of products our customers want. We do this by building up long-term relationships with our customers and by growing together with our stakeholders. In this process, quality, service, uniqueness and passion occupy central stage.

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The latest news and updates from Passe Partout.

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A Passe-Partout sofa is so much more than a piece of furniture. Home Stories collects everything good in life.

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A whole range of new designs at Passe Partout

At Passe Partout we believe in the motto “standing still means moving backwards”, so we are constantly innovating and spoiling you with new designs.

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The trend colour for 2017? Greenery!

Every year, the renowned colour institute Pantone selects a trend colour at the beginning of the year.

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New Collection
  • Avelino
    Released at the Antwerp House Show '16
  • Avenue
    Designed by Hans Daalder for Top Form NL
  • DJ pouffe
    Where it all started. The basic. The elementary. The evergreen.
  • Chelsea
    Classic, what else?
  • Metro
    Design by Hans Daalder.
  • Lazio
    Design by Axel Enthoven.
  • Pich
    Design by Axel Enthoven
  • Gio
    Design by Hans Daalder.
  • Matthew
    Design by Puylaert Home Basics
  • Plaza
    adding and combining elements is easy
  • Pomorosso
    Never let go of your dreams
  • Gianni
    Design by Hans Daalder.
  • Maranello
    This sofa has a sporty look, just like Ferrari, with roots in the Italian municipality Maranello.
  • Zagato
    Design by Hans Daalder
  • Lela
    Excuse me, why are you so sexy?
  • Dublin
    'Faites vos jeux, s'il vous plait'.
  • Clemence
    Put it left, put it right. It will fit anywhere.
  • Lexus
    Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day!
  • Hermes
    Extra touch of class and style
  • Liverpool
    Liverpool, it all started there for the Beatles, offering music for all ages, just like this sofa does.
  • Aberdeen
    The padding on the arms of our model Aberdeen is a sample of artisan handcraft.
  • Brick
    Classic Sweet Seat
  • Maxime
    everything is possible in this XXL sofa.
  • Skye
    Model Skye of our Sweet Seats collection is the Star in its kind
  • Dover
    We were born to be real. Not to be perfect.
  • Onyx
    If you can dream it You can do it
  • Phaeton
    Whatever you decide to do - Make sure it makes you happy
  • Cleveland
    Cleveland, a model for any style and any age
  • Mounty
    Designed by Hans Daalder
  • Ziggy
    Daydream of sunny places
  • Adino
    Adds a new dimension to comfort
  • Pastille Lounge
    Lounging like a prince
  • Tube
    6 colors, 3 dimensions
  • Rug Collection
    Beach, Cloud or Savanna
  • Livio
    The ultimate seating comfort
  • Ventigo
    Combining the best of Retro and Modernity
  • Zico
    Release at the Antwerp House Show '16

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