The trend colour for 2017? Greenery!

Every year, the renowned colour institute Pantone selects a trend colour at the beginning of the year. This colour is put in the picture all year long, providing an important source of inspiration for creators of decoration, fashion and so on. So colour code 15-0343 is one to remember this year!

A hopeful colour

The new trend colour is always associated with an interesting story: after all, a bit of storytelling is a trend in itself. The fresh green tint evokes nature re-emerging on the first days of spring. But why has Greenery been chosen specifically for this year? “We know we are living in a world with a very tense atmosphere, so this is the colour of hope and closeness to nature”, explains Leatrice Eiseman from Pantone. So now at least you know what you’re doing with all those light green cushion covers and throws.

Three ways of bringing greenery into your living room

Not many people are likely to want a green sofa. We realise that at Passe Partout, but of course there are more subtle ways of sneaking the colour into your living room. We have found three fun items to be getting on with, to bring that trendy tint into your home and create the right atmosphere without overdoing it.

Cushion covers

Ideal to add a ‘Greenery’ accent to your sofa and living room! They are also easy to replace, so that you can keep up with the latest trends every year if you like. Daring decorators will pick a leafy motif for that extra twist.

Side table 

A multi-purpose, fabric-covered side table is more than just an eye-catcher: it is really useful too. It’s the ideal place to display your interior design magazines or rest your glasses. Be careful not to spill anything on it though!


A thoughtfully chosen painting will bring life to your living room and add an extra dimension. At Passe Partout we are certainly setting a good example.

Plants in your living room

Of course green is more than just a colour: you need plants in your interior more than ever this year. Be careful to choose your plants well, because if you don’t have time to look after them, they will wilt before you know it. A cactus or succulent needs a lot less care and might just be a perfect choice!

OIt’s easy to mix and match our new designs

Our new designs in the Passe Partout 2017 Collection combine wonderfully with all that green. Greenery is at its best when combined with our light, neutral tints and fabrics. Be sure to check out our Luigi and Dante designs in the shops! Incidentally, did you know that Luigi is also available in an exciting green tint? Feel free to mail us f you would like to find out more about our designs and where you can find them. Of course you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You will find even more inspiration there!