The Story of Passe-Partout

Once upon a time…
This is how every story begins, and the story of Passe-Partout is no exception.

You know how it is, you’re young, you think you can change the world. Or at least you think you know better than your boss and you decide to stand on your own two feet and dare to set up a business on your own.
That was what I did in September 1998 and, modest as I was, I decided to take the plunge with a group of partners.
In the beginning it was “the” dream coming true, the dream of spreading your wings and doing your own thing. But after 17 years, that dream has grown into a mission: making sure people enjoy the products you put onto the market, ensuring that they can enjoy even more of their quality time at home with their families…
We started out with 13 people in our 1000m2 production area, with only five models at the time.

Today we have 30,000m2 production facilities employing 250 people and a 3000m2 design centre with 40 people working there daily to develop and optimise new models.
Nowadays we export to more than 20 countries with the Benelux countries and France as our largest sales markets at present.
We work with internal and external Belgian and Dutch designers, and develop everything in-house.
Every day we work to make things as easy as possible for our dealers and try to react constantly to the ever-changing desires of the consumer.
We always go about this with respect for all our stakeholders: our own employees, our customers, their customers and all our suppliers. It is simply in our DNA to want to “do things well” for the market and our customers. It’s a question of respect for humans and nature.

We will probably never be the biggest and the best… but we are doing our absolute damndest ;-)

We would hereby like to thank everybody who contributes their daily efforts to helping Passe-Partout grow and flourish, everybody who believes in our mission as I do…
Today we are no longer dreaming, we are living the dream ;-)