Interview: designer Hans Daalder

Beautiful sofas, couches with style: We want to extend our passion for furnitures in our designs. But the furnitures of course do not exist by themselves, it is preceded by a very creative and laborious process. At Passe Partout we work with the cream of the crop in Belgium and the Netherlands when it comes to designers and who could be better pointed than the designer himself to describe the creative process? Time for an interview with Hans Daalder, one of our designers!

Hans, can you briefly introduce yourself?

I graduated in 1989 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and a year later I started with my own design studio. Since then, day in and day out, I am working on designing furnitures, although my passion for design was actually sparked by reading an article about the car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Were you already from childhood bitten by design?

As a child, I already liked nothing more than drawing. That was from drawing comics for the school newspaper, still lives till sketching our dog. I had caught the virus very early.

Where does a designer takes his inspiration?

Personally, I find it in nature but also in classical cities, ancient crafts and many more resources. Even if inspiration is only 20% of the work, 80% is in perspiration, thus in the effect.

“20% is inspiration, 80% perspiration”

What is that elaboration, exactly?

Sharpen, ameliorate, modify, overthrow everything and sharpen again, until it is all good, that is what we do. A seat do not exist by themselves.

A good design, what does that mean for you?

As a designer, I am always busy with a mix of questions: How can I make a piece of furniture that meets the needs of the consumers, is innovative yet understandable? How far can I go in sophistication without derailing the price? And above all: Do I like the design so much that I would place it at home myself? That last question, we raise to each other in our studio again and again.

And how did you get in touch with Passe Partout, years later?

A furniture agent friend told me that years ago, he had entered a partnership with a very inspired furniture manufacturer: Dirk Steenbeke of Passe Partout. Not much later, I was sitting around the table with Dirk and pretty soon there was a common feeling.

And where is that "click" then?

With Dirk, I felt the eagerness to go to extremes, both in terms of quality, distinctiveness and presentation. For both of us, only the best is good enough.

And to which models, the collaboration has already led?

Among the successes we have already achieved together are the models as “Gio”, “Gianni”, “Palio” and “Junction”, but also the table series “Metro” is a winner in all simplicity. With our latest model “Luigi” I am extremely happy; Simplicity with sophistication, upholstered elements with the addition of adjoining tables in wood, super chic! I also hope that there are many pearls that may follow.

“Passe Partout gives inspiration and creates ambiance”

How would you describe the style of Passe Partout?

The first thing that comes to mind is "Postmondern Chic". At home in many interiors, but with a completely unique character. Increasingly Passe Partout is also developing an overall interior experience, you notice it at fairs, in shops and in the beautiful ambiance book. People look for more than a sofa and a table. Passe Partout gives inspiration and creates ambiance and shows people how their interior can look.